William Clift

Courthouses - Law

Old St. Louis County Courthouse, St. Louis, MO
Lawbooks, Hinsdale County Courthouse
Rotunda, Old St. Louis County Courthouse, MO
Chairs, Jersey County Courthouse, IL
Judge’s Bench, Old Cochise County Courthouse, Tombstone, AZ
Jury Chairs, Warren County Courthouse, MO

The West

Road, Shiprock, New Mexico
White House Ruin,  Canyon de Chelly, Arizona
Car, Shiprock (Sold)
Painted Rainbow, Waldo, New Mexico
Sheep and Petroglyphs, Monument Valley
Factory Butte, Utah

Select photographs by William Clift are available at the Susan Spiritus Gallery from theĀ  Courthouse project that were originally commissioned by Joseph E. Segram & Sons, Inc beginning in 1975.

There are several 8×10″ photographs by William Clift of country courthouses and one portfolio of Courthouse images (6) that was published by Joseph E. Segram & Son’s Inc.