Timothy Hyde

Iceland I, Perilous Terrain

Vidoy, Faroe Islands
Farmstead, Stokksnes, Iceland
Church Graveyard, Vidareidi, Faroe Islands
Shipwreck Hut, Haimaey, Iceland
Tjornuvik, Streymoy, Faroe Islands
Fence, Van Metre County, South Dakota
Homestead, Saksun, Faroe Islands
Abandoned Homestead, Montrail County, North Dakota
Fisherman’s House, Kalbaksa Fjord, Iceland
Eight Below, McHenry County, North Dakota


Aillebrack, Near Roundstone
Hardscrabble, Connemara
Farmstead, Omey Island
Harbour, Roundstone
Classic Irish Farm Shed
Temple Bar, Dublin
O’Connell Bridge, Dublin
Full Moon over Bog Road
Victoria Hotel and Church, Galway
St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Dublin

New York

Bow Bridge, Central Park, NYC

The South

Selma-to-Montgomery Highway
Flag House, Seale, Alabama
Edmund Pettus Bridge, Selma, Alabama
Red House, Union Springs, Alabama
Dirt Cheap, Yazoo City, Mississippi
Ford Dealership, Deal, Mississippi
Detail Shop, Mississippi
Yazoo Furniture, Mississippi
Burger Hut, Red Top, South Carolina
Rural Baptist Church, South Carolina

Walls and Portals

Via de Conti, Florence
Universita Degli Studi, Florence
The Duomo, Florence
Poliz, Tribunal Ordinario de FIrenza
Graffiti, Accademia della Arti, Florence
San Miniato al Monte, Florence
Sabina, Loggia del Lanzi, Florence
Fisherman’s Cottage 2, Lunenburg, Nova Scotia
Fisherman’s Cotage, Nova Scotia
Abandoned Cafe. Creighnilish, Nova Scotia

Washington Daybreak

Red Washington Monument
Dupont Circle
Capital & Pennsylvania
CO Canal
Daybreak Downtown
Early Deliveries
First Light, Georgetown
Food Cart
Jefferson Memorial

Washington, DC

Washington Monument and Flag
Tidal Basin and Washington Monument at Dawn
Arlington National Cemetery and Washington Monument
Vietnam Memorial on a Foggy Afternoon
Constitution Garden Pond, National Mall
Across the Potomac: National Mall
Memorial Bridge at Sunset
House and Senate in Session, US Capital West Side
Jefferson Memorial

Tim Hyde was raised in the Midwest but has lived in Washington, DC, for many years. As a photographer, he is best known for his work with natural disasters. He has covered earthquakes in Haiti and Italy, the tsunami in Japan, volcanoes in Iceland, and floods, tornados, hurricanes, and droughts around the U.S.

Most of Tim’s work investigates issues around the relationship of man and nature, humans and their environment. One series he will be featuring at Multiple Exposures is called “Country.” This series includes photographs of buildings and structures in small towns and agricultural areas, showing a way of life that is passing. Our small towns and farms are not disappearing, but they are undergoing far-reaching changes. Underneath it all, mother nature is relentless in pushing back against our works.

Tim’s photographs have been published in the New York Times and a variety of other publications. More of his work can be found at timhyde.com.

Awards & Exhibitions