Early Work

Lingerie For A Feminist Suntan #4

Lingerie For A Feminist Suntan #4

Medium: Acrylic, photographic emulsion, pastel and charcoal on canvas with wire hanger, metal hooks and collages canvas.
Date: 1972-1974
Size: 3 16x20" canvas wrapped frames
Edition: This piece is unique, 1/1 but from a total collection of 5 that were made; All but this one are in museum collections.

This triptych was loaned to the Museum Of Modern Art, 2014 for the Heinecken Retrospective, "Object Matter" as seen in the photograph above.




Robert Heinecken is perhaps best known for his assemblages of found images from torn magazine pages and for photographs containing familiar media iconography, often redefining the role of the photographer and our perceptions of the medium. Trained in design, drawing, and printmaking, Heinecken’s signature work incorporates public images (from magazines, newspapers, and television) and his own darkroom activity, which alters the original interpretation of the images. Though Heinecken is rarely behind the lens of a camera, his process is faithfully photographic; yet he is often discussed less in terms of photography and more in terms of conceptual art.

Robert Heinecken was born in 1931 and died 2006.