John Griebsch


Golf Course Trees and Shadows, near Lock Berlin, NY
Autumn Tamaracks, Saranac River Valley, near Saranac Lake, NY
Autumn Maples, Saranac River Valley near Saranac Lake, NY
Five Green Ponds, Batavia, NY
Three Tree Lines, near Sodus, NY
Red Barn on Wye Road, Wayne County, NY
Amish Country near Punxsatawney, PA
Cornfield Curve near Lyons, NY
Cornfield Intersection near Lyons, NY
Spruce Farm near Newark, NY

Iceland Rocks and Rivers

Pjorsa River, Iceland
Rocks, Iceland

On The Beach: Jersey Shore + other Locations

On the Beach: #395-7906
One The Beach: #396-7920
On the Beach: #397-7923
On the Beach: #398-7932
On the Beach: #399-7941
On the Beach: #402-7954
On the Beach: #400-7944
On the Beach: #401-7949
Jersey Shore Arcade near Sea Bright #455-7904
Boat and Reflected Sky, Upper Saranac Lake, NY #417 1436

John Griebsch is an aerial photographer. Each of John’s images have been shot while he is flying over the land – yes, he is both the pilot and the photographer! All of the works are of the Earth from Above.

Balancing abstraction and realism, my work is a depiction of familiar landscapes, as seen from an alternative viewpoint;  the earth as seen from above.   My series of aerial photographs, AERIAS, show grand scale, fine detail and often, a painterly sense of composition.  I work with ambiguity of scale and the strong graphic quality of nature, and with the hand of man on nature.


I have logged nearly a quarter of a million miles in my vintage single engine Cessna in pursuit of aerial photography as a fine art.  

My images present a sense of selective design applied to an extremely small but significant area of the vast landscape over which I fly.  I find the need to make geographical sense of the earth, as well as the need to make visual sense of a photograph.  



John’s images have an abstract quality to them – he works with ambiguity of scale and a strong graphic quality of nature.