Early Work

Sheep, Monument Valley

Sheep, Monument Valley

Medium: Platinum/palladium print
Date: 1979, this is a vintage platinum print
Size: 9 1/2 x 12 1/2"



Brief Biography of Joan Myers
Joan Myers was born in 1944 in Des Moines, Iowa, and had an early interest in the sciences and mathematics. At Stanford University, her concentration on Renaissance and baroque music performance led to a B.A in 1966 and a M.A. in musicology in 1967.

In the early 1970’s Ms. Myers turned to photography. Today she utilizes various digital methods, as well as the platinum-palladium process and continues her exploration of hand-applied color. She maintains her residence and studio in Tucson, Arizona and teaches workshops throughout the country.

In 2002, the National Science Foundation awarded Joan Myers an Antarctic Artists and Writer’s Grant to photograph at McMurdo Station, surrounding field stations, historic huts, and the South Pole during the 2002-2003 austral summer. A SITES show entitled “Wondrous Cold: an Antarctic Journey” is scheduled to begin touring in May 2006, accompanied by a book published by Smithsonian Books.

Over the continuing years, Joan Myers has gone on to produce numerous books from her photography expeditions to the Salton Sea, Antarctica, The Pilgrimages of Spain and Japanese Relocation Camps.