Dimitri Bogachuk

Le Plat Pays

Pier, Norway
Le Mont-Saint Michel
Barcelona #5, Spain
Ostend, Belgium
Morsalines, France
Dunes, Blankenberge, Belgium
Barcelona, Spain (White umbrellas)
Etretat, France
Frozen Sea, Odessa, Ukraine
Fjord, Aurland, Norway

Dimitri Bogachuk is a photographer who lives and works in Vyshneve, Kiev region, a graduate of the National Academy of Culture and Art. Dimitri is already acclaimed by critics as a promising young author with work primarily dedicated to the land and the sea. The artist’s style is distinguished by soft atmospheric colors which brings the viewer into a special contemplative mood.
Dimitri works with the territory of universal memories that belong to everyone as everyone knows the stillness of the sea or the chill of the snowy landscape. The main character of the artist’s works is space where soft pastels are mostly prominent.
Dimitri’s photographs have been viewed worldwide in cities including Kiev, Paris, Santa Monica, California and Moscow.
Susan Spiritus Gallery is now happy to be presenting Dimitri’s photographs online and in the gallery.