David Burdeny

A Prairie Town

Deer Crossing, Alberta, CA
Movieland, Saskatchewan, CA
A Group of Five, Saskatchewan, CA
Harper’s Hardware, Saskatchewan, CA
Snowbound, Saskatchewan, CA
Red Hotel, Saskatchewan, CA
Guys Lunch and Grocery, Saskatchewan, CA
General Store, Saskatchewan, CA
Church on a Hill, Saskatchewan, CA
One Room Schoolhouse, Saskatchewan, CA

AFRICA: Before Ever After; Kenya and Tanzania

Nocturne (Lioness), Maasai Mara
Elephant Mother and Calf, Maasai Mara
One Eyed Lion, Maasai Mara, Kenya
Cheetah Coalition, Maasai Mara
Mother and Calf, Amboseli, Kenya
Twelve Giraffes, Maasai Mara
Two Elephants Drinking, Amboseli, Kenya
Solice, Amboseli, Kenya
Head in Clouds, Amboseli, Kenya
Lion Cubs Under Acacia Tree, Maasai Mara, Kenya


Surfers, Oahu, Hawaii
Rialto Bridge, Venice, Italy
Paris from Arc de Triumph, Paris
Oasis, Nomozaki, Japan
Eiffel Tower, Paris, France
Asakura Beach, Japan
Tokyo Tower, Japan


Disko Bay 02, Greenland
Mercator’s Projection, Antarctica
Adeli Penguins on Fast Ice, Antarctica
Five Icebergs, Antarctica (SOLD)
Blue Monday, Antarctica
Mid-Day Grey, Antarctica
Tabulars in Hope Bay, Antarctica
Giant Tabular In Fog, Antarctica

Bau xi Salt

Blue Ponds 01, Sharks Bay, Western Australia
Photosynthetic 2, Great Salt Lake, Utah
Saltern Study 15, Great Salt Lake
Photosynthetic 1, Great Salt Lake, Utah
Saltern Study 19, Great Salt Lake, Utah
Saltern Study 2, Salt Lake City, Utah
Saltern Study 14, Salt Lake City, Utah
Tangents 2, Great Salt Lake, Utah
Blue Quadrilateral, Great Salt Lake, Utah
Saltern Study 4, Near Sea of Cortez, Mexico

Bloom: Cherry Blossoms (Sakura)

Hanami (Rainy 1), Kyoto
Hanami Party, Kyoto, Japan
Sakura 1, Kyoto, Japan
Sakura 2, Kyoto, Japan
Sakura 3, Kyoto, Japan
Sakura 4, Kyoto, Japan
Koi Fish and Sakura, Kyoyo
Sakura and Stream, Kyoto
Sakura 7, Kyoto, Japan
Sakura 5, Kyoto, Japan


Padre with Clock
Kitchen, Havana
Ballet School, Old Havana
Ballet School Stairs, Old Havana
Drawing Room, Havana
Barber, Havana
Sitting Room, Havana (001)
Casa Garcia, Havana
Car, Havana
Green Screen, Havana


Drift 19: Sakura, Kyoto
Drift 10: Grand Beach, Manitoba
Drift 18: Point du Hoc, France
Drift 17: Pacific Ocean, Seaside Oregon
Drift 21: English Bay, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Drift 23: North Sea, Oostende, Belgium
Drift 11: Mustard Field, Winnipeg
Drift 13: Pacific Ocean
Drift 04: Kanazawa, Sea of Japan
Drift 07: Pacific Ocean, N. California

Europe: France, Italy and more

Trompe-l’oeil Napoli, Italy
Map Room, Caprarola
Villa Farness, Capraola, Italy
Palazzo Ducall, Mantova, Italy
Forum, Rome Italy
Library, Naples, Italy
Palazzo Te, Mantova, Italy
Galleria Colonna, Roma, Italy
Piazza San Carlo, Torino, Italy
Galleria, Palazzo Colonna, Rome, Italy

Inside and Outside (Architecture)

Amore, Paris, France
Red Leaves, Paris, France
Khufu with Horses, Giza, Egypt
Le Temple Neuf, Metz, France
Vernazza Harbour, Cinque Terre, Italy
The Forum, Rome, Italy
Library, Parma, Italy
Piazza del Duomo, Milan, Italy
Castello, Racconigi, Italy


Veld 1
Veld 10
Veld 25
Veld 24
Veld 18
Veld 6
Veld 2
Tulips and Turbines 01
Tulips and Turbines 02
Veld 4

New: Oceans

December Snow, Central Park, NY
Polignano A Mare (mid-day) Bari, Itlay
Blue Coast 01, Realmonte, Agrigento, Sicily
Cherry Blossoms, Paris, France
Favela, Rio de Janerio, Brazil
Grotta, Pugila, Italy

Oceans: Italy, Japan, China, Australia, Greenland, Antarctica

Nets Study 1, Fujian, China
Iceberg 1 (Corkscrew), Greenland
Iceberg 2, Greenland
Iceberg 3, Greenland
Sandbars 01, Nassau, The Bahamas
Sandbars 02, Nassau, The Bahamas
Sandbars 03, Nassau, The Bahamas
Sandbars 04, Nassau, The Bahamas
Rock Pool, Australia
Surfer, Perth, Australia


Komsomolskaya Metro Station, Russia
Mikhailovsky Theatre Curtain, St. Petersburg, Russia
Amber Palace, Catherine Palace, Pushkin, Russia
Blue Drawing Room, Catherine Palace, Pushkin, Russia
Docent I, State Hermitage Museum, St. Petersberg, Russia
Docent II, State Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia
Jordan Stairs I, State Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia
Jordan Stairs II, State Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia
Palace Square, St. Petersburg , Russia
Red Wall, Peterhof, Russia

Sacred & Secular

Los Angeles at Night
Grand Canal, I Venezia
Saint-Malo, France
Mikawa-wan Nori Farm, Japan
Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, UAE


Soccer Match, Copacabana Beach, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Desert Walk (Resting), Lençôís, Maranhenses
Desert Walk (Swimmers), Lençôís, Maranhenses
Desert Walk (Hill), Brazil
Tatesuna, Kamigama-jinja, Kyoto, Japan
Rio Azule I, Lençôis Maranhenses
Rio Azule II, Lençôis Maranhenses
Desert Walk (Dispersed), Brazil
Desert Walk (Group), Brazil
Rain Over Lençôis Maranhenses I


Dark Water
Vanish, Port Townsend
Steps to the Water, Armonches
Shear, Japan
Rails, Japan
Moonrise, Japan
Left Pallets, Astoria
Four Boulders, Japan
Flooded Lake, Japan
Bowling Ball Beach, Point Arena

Traces of Time: Italy, France

November Sky, Cote d’Azur
Carnon-Plage, France
San Marco Dawn, Venice, Italy
Montparnesse at Dawn, Paris, France
San Marco Night, Venice, Italy
Place de l’Opera, Paris. France
San Giorgio Maggiore with Gondola Station, Venice, Italy
San Geremia Palazzo Labia on the Grand Canal
Gondolas, Venice, 2010


Pastel Facades, Hong Kong
Boats, West Lake, Hangzhou, China
Breaking Surf, Hawaii
Rising Moon, Maui, Hawaii
Setting Moon, Maui, Hawaii
Buddha, Bagan, Burma
Reclining Buddha, Bago Burma
Shwedagon Pagoda, Yangon, Burma
Pagoda, West Lake, Hangzhou, China
Lone Windsurfer, Hookipa Beach, Hawaii

David Burdeny’s Masters in Architecture and Interior Design background greatly inform his penchant for simple, exacting photographs, shot on site, of sky, horizon and the marks humankind leaves behind.

Based in Vancouver, Canada, Burdeny has exhibited internationally since 2001. He has won several gold awards in international art photography competitions, including International Photographer of the Year in the Nature category for Canada, revealed at the Lucie Awards Ceremony in New York City, October 2008.

His first book Shorelines sold out in both the limited collector edition and trade publication.





Russia: A Bright Future


A Prairie Town