Dan Sackheim


Concrete Jungle
Salaryman’s Night Out
Destination Unknown
Circus Liquor
It’s China Town
LA Noir
Social Distancing
Take Flight
Umbrella Policy
Mid Century 76


Vacancy 9
Vacancy 10
Vacancy 11
Vacancy 12
Vacancy 13
Vacancy 14
Vacancy 15
Vacancy 16
Vacancy 1
Vacancy 17

Dan Sackheim has told me….that “As a child, he was terrified of the dark. So fearful was he of what could be hiding under the bed, or lurking within the dark recesses of his closet, that he regularly slept with the lights on”.
How ironic is it that today he finds himself with his camera in hand and drawn to damp and poorly-lit streets and dark alleyways in cities all over the world, especially in Los Angeles where he lives.
Dan’s series, “UNSEEN” illustrates that he is trying to see or rather discover what lies beneath – in the dark, where he previously was petrified to go. Dan’s photos detect only isolated fragments of the scene in front of him. In a sense, he is shining a light on what is indeed hidden from sight.

I personally think that Dan’s use of light is extraordinary and it is that feature that drew me (in)to his work and onto my website!