Christos Palios

Absolute Powers

Silver Standard Broken Tulips
Flaming Parrot Broken Tulips
Helmars Broken Tulips
Broken Tulip Blooms

Architecture of Gilded Dreams

Women’s Lounge, Paramount Theatre
Majestic Theatre
Wang Theatre
Castro Theatre
Mark Hellinger Theatre
Grand Foyer, Brooklyn King’s Theatre
Pabst Theatre
Grand Foyer, Stanley Theatre
Akron Civic Theatre
Grand Lobby, Ohio Theatre

Christos J. Palios (b. 1979) is a fine-artist and first-generation Greek-American whose perspectives were shaped in-part from two disparate and fascinating cultures. The artist’s practice is born from a wellspring of insatiable curiosity among themes of memory, connection, and identity, consummated by intimate examinations of history, architecture, and socioeconomics. We live in increasingly frenetic societies broadcasting endless stimuli, inundating our waking lives and shaping our beliefs—an exponentially-hijacked 21st-century mindset. This endless tangle of information often obliges us to discern truth from fiction, tasteful vs. boilerplate.