Carol Eisenberg

Flowers at the Verge

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Flowers For the Edge of the World

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People Looking at Art

People Looking At Art: Magnifying Glass
People Looking At Art: At The Whitney
People Looking At Art: Miami
People Looking At Art: Pompidou
People Looking At Art: Paris
People Looking At Art: Art Basel
People Looking at Art: Arrow and Zipper
People Looking At Art: Look Alike
People Looking At Art: Art Basel


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I create constructed digital images that blur the line between painting and photography. This duality of aesthetics is an essential component of my approach to art and life. I am drawn to the polarities of beauty and decay, the contrived and the natural, the excessive and the elegant.

All of my compositions begin with originally sourced imagery selected from photographs I shoot in my studio or on location in mid-coast Maine where I live half the year or my neighborhood and surroundings in Tel Aviv, Israel, where I reside the other half, as well as on my extensive travels here and abroad.

As an active participant in the feminist movement in the 1970s, the principles of inclusion, equality and justice underlie my work in the breadth of source material and the embrace of beauty in all its forms.