Camille Seaman

A Matter of Time

Icebergs Reflected at Sunrise on the Solstice (1585)
Tabular Iceberg at Dawn on the Solstice in Weddell Sea
Tabular Iceberg with Pink Clouds at Dawn on the Solstice in Weddell Sea
Sunset on the Solstice in the Weddell Sea
Tabular Icebergs Reflected at Sunrise on the Solstice
Tabular Iceberg at Sunrise on the Solstice in the Weddell Sea
Tabular Icebergs & Bergy Bits, Solstice Sunset/Sunrise in the Weddell Sea, Antarctica
Warp Speed, Weddell Sea, Antarctica
Sea Ice at Sunrise with Cockburn Island in the Distance, Weddell Sea, Antarctica
The Captain’s Castle Iceberg II, Lemaire Channel

Big Cloud I, II

Rain Over Fields of Gold (A)
Almost Home, NE
Looking for Rotation (A)
Chasing The Storm (A)
Under the Anvil, Looking West, Presho, SD
The Collapse III (A)
The Collapse II, SD
Mammatus Clouds IV, NE
It’s Heading This Way, SD
The Collapse, SD (A)

Big Cloud, 2014

Storm Closing in Somewhere in Kansas
Purple Lightning, Canadian, TX
Over Browerville, MN
The Great Downpour, Bertha, MN
And The Sun It Shines Through, Near Crawford, TX
Deluge of Rain In Haswell, CO
In Persuit, Browerville, MN
The Light in the Darkness, El Reno, OK
Lightning, Somewhere in Kansas
Chasing a Mothership in Minnesota, Browerville, MN

Big Cloud: The Lovely Monster

Birth of a Monster 18:35 CST, Gurley, NE
Hail Shaft with Hallow 18:35 CST, Gurley, NE
Supercell With Windmill 19:35 CST, Chappell, NE
Red Rotation 19:12 CST, Sidney, NE
Lovely Monster with Wheat 19:15 CST, Lodgepole, NE
The Lovely Monster Over the Farm, 19:15 CST, Lodgepole, NE
Illuminated 20:59 CST, Big Springs, NE
What Lightning Revealed 21:02 CST, Big Springs, NE
Inflow Bands 19:55 CST, Chappell, NE
What the Dark Hides 20:47 CST, Big Springs, NE

Black and Blue

Danco Coast, Antarctica
Any Day Now, Neko Harbor, Antarctica
Terminus, Neko Harbor
Running to See, Ross Sea, Antarctica
Iceberg with Pillar, Near Elephant Island, Antarctica
Chinstrap Penguins Climbing Iceberg, Near Elephant Island, Antarctica
Icebergs and Glaciers, Elephant Island
Iceberg Caught in Neko Harbor, Antarctic Peninsula
Bark Europa in the Lemaire Channel
Glacier, West Antarctic Peninsula

Lemaire Sunset 2017

Iceberg in Blood Red Sea, Lemaire Channel, Antarctica
Lemaire Channel Alpenglow, Antarctica
The Shining Light at Sunset, Lemaire Channel, Antarctica
Summer Sunset in the Lemaire Channel, Antarctica
Sunset in the Lemaire Channel, Antarctica
That Epic Sunset Pt I, Lemaire Channel, Antarctica
Ode to Caspar David Friedrich pt II, Lemaire Channel, Antarctica
Midnight Sunset, Lemaire Channel, Antarctica
Iceberg at Sunset in the Lemaire Channel, Antarctica
Iceberg Near Cuverville Island, Antarctica

Special Iceberg Offer, 2015

The White One, Southern Greenland

The Last Iceberg I, II, III

Falling Down Iceberg, Antarctica
Stranded Iceberg III, Cape Bird, Antarctica
Breaching Iceberg, Greenland
Brea Glacier, Scoresbysund, East Greenland
The Shape of Things to Come
Majestic Iceberg III, Errera Channel, Antarctic Penninsula
Stranded Iceberg Detail II, Cape Bird
Sea Ice Remnant, Svalbard
Blue Underside Revealed II, Svalbard
Falling Down Iceberg, Antarctica

The Last Iceberg I, II, III

Bergy Bits in Errera Channel (v), Antacrtica
Bergy Bits Jammed up in Errera Channel (v) Antarctica
Majestic Iceberg I (v), Errera Channel, Antarctica
Majestic Iceberg II (v), Errera Channel, Antarctica
Broken Iceberg (v) Antarctic Penninsula
Iceberg Detail with Glaucous Gulls, East Greenland
Electric Iceberg In Errera Channel, Antarctic Peninsula
Looking at Icebergs Near Franklin Island, Ross Sea
Bergy Bits in Errera Channel, Antarctic Peninsula
Stranded Iceberg, Cape Bird

The Last Iceberg: Dark Ice

Overturned Iceberg, Qassiarsuq, S. Greenland (A)
The Shape of Things to Come
Errera Channel Blocked Up, Antarctic Peninsula
The Ice Crown, Antarctic Sound
There is a Crack in Everything, Antarctic Sound
Tabular Iceberg, Detail, Antaractic Sound (A)
Iceberg Reflected
Blue Tabular Iceberg
The Cloud Makers Detail (A)
The Sentinels

The Last Iceberg: This Other World

Iceberg Pointing Up, North West Greenland
Stuck Under the Moon, Disko Bay
Giant Blue Snow Cone, Qassiarsuq, Greenland (A)
Bottoms Up, Qassiarsuq, Greenland
Lost at Sea, West Greenland
Iceberg at Sunset, West Greenland
Iceberg in Green Water, Qassiarssuq, Greenland
Floating in the Sea, West Greenland
Iceberg with Seal Blood, Qassiarsuq, Greenland

Camille Seaman was born in 1969 to a Native American (Shinnecock tribe) father and African American mother. She graduated in 1992 from the State University of New York at Purchase, where she studied photography with Jan Groover and has since taken master workshops with Steve McCurry, Sebastiao Salgado, and Paul Fusco.

Her photographs have been published in National Geographic Magazine, Italian Geo, German GEO, TIME, The New York Times Sunday magazine, Newsweek, Outside, Zeit Wissen, Men’s Journal, Seed, Camera Arts, Issues, PDN, and American Photo among many others, She frequently leads photographic and self-publishing workshops.

She takes photographs all over the world using digital and film cameras in multiple formats. She works in a documentary and fine art tradition and since 2003 has concentrated on the fragile environment of the Polar Regions.

Camille Seaman is a 2013 Senior TED fellow and a 2013 Stanford Knight Fellow