Vintage Works

Untitled (Building)

Untitled (Building)

Medium: Gum Bichromate on Fabric with Stitching
Date: 1973
Size: 11x14" gum print on 16x20" fabric.



Betty Hahn was born on October 11,1940, in Chicago, Illinois where she also grew up. At the age of 10, she was given her first camera. She went on to graduate high school and then enrolled in Indiana University where she studied painting and drawing. She completed her graduate work at Indiana as well studying under one of the most well-known photography teachers of the time, Henry Holmes Smith, who encouraged her to continue her work with alternate processes.

Betty Hahn is best known for her explorations of alternative processes in photography, using older methods of darkroom developing such as gum-bichromate and cyanotypes mixed with other art mediums, including hand-painting and embroidery. She is noted as one of the earliest photographers too successfully integrate such a variety of mediums.