Andre Kertesz

Classic Black & White

The Vert-Galant in Winter, 1929
Lost Cloud (Sold)
Washington Square, Night
Washington Square, Winter
Pipe and Glasses (Currently not available)
Disappearing Act
Chairs, Paris
Chez Mondrian, Paris (Currently not available)
Martinique (Not Available)

André Kertész was Hungarian-born American photographer known for magazine photography in Look, Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue.

André Kertész was born on July 2, 1894 in Budapest, Hungary. After being severely wounded while serving in the Hungarian army during WWI, Kertész moved to Paris and worked as a freelance photographer. He moved to New York City and published photos in magazines such as Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue. He retired from commercial work in 1962 and began a series of personal projects. He died in 1985.
“I write with light,” Andra Kertesz once said of his work. In one of the medium’s longest, most productive careers, Kertesz created a vast, lyrical narrative that helped shape the history of photography. He used the camera to question, record, and preserve his relationships to the world and to his art.