Ryuijie Douglas

Ice Forms - B/W

Ice Form 6
Ice Form 34
Ice Form 10
Ice Form 267
Ice Form 260
Ice Form 76
Ice Form 98-06
Ice Form 58
Ice Form 50
Ice Form 242

Ice Forms - Color

Color Ice Form 32
Color Ice Form 138
Color Ice Form 51
Color Ice Form 106
Color Ice Form 52
Color Ice Form 115
Color Ice Form 36
Color Ice Form 33
Color Ice Form 54
Color Ice Form 65

Ten years ago Ryuijie began working on a body of photographs called “Ice Forms.”

The subject matter is botanicals frozen in blocks of ice, photographed in black and white with a large format camera. and printed on 20×24 silver gelatin paper. I have recently expanded the series to include color. In both black and white and color, the ice is as important as the flowers it encases, providing an element of the unexpected and unpredictable. This element can be likened to the Japanese principle of wabi sabi—beauty in nature in all its imperfections.

We have a selection of the black and white “Ice Forms” as well as those in color, and we also have a select group of the ice form images printed as 4×5″ platinum prints.