Natalie Christensen

Active Imagination

Blue Entry
Container of Dreams
What are You Not Dealing With
Whatever You Want Me to Be
Open to New Ideas

New Mexico Deconstructed

An Expression of Support
She Had an Idea
The Tiniest Membrane
Untitled Purple and Orange
The Big Reveal
Higher Self
Escape Hatch


Roadside: Frayed at Monument Valley
Roadside: Gestalt at Monument Valley
Roadside: Layers 2
Roadside: Layers
Roadside: Mounds
Roadside: Skeleton at Monument Valley
Roadside: Stop Trump at Bears Ears National Monument
Roadside: Forms

Natalie Christensen is a photographer based in Santa Fe, New Mexico. She has over 28,000 followers on Instagram and is a frequent contributor to online contemporary and fine art photography magazines. She has won several regional awards and shown work internationally.  In addition to pursuing her interests in art and design, Natalie has worked as a psychotherapist for over 25 years and has been particularly influenced by the work of depth psychologist, Carl Jung. This influence is evidenced in her photographs, as shadows and archetypal images are favored subjects.

Natalie Christensen lives in Santa Fe New Mexico where her work is inspired by commonplace architecture and streetscapes. She is never without her camera and shoots almost everyday,  finding images around shopping centers, apartment complexes and office parks. She dismantles the scenes to color fields, geometry and shadow. The places she frequents are probably not what people visualize when they think of Santa Fe, a major tourist destination with a carefully cultivated image.  Often shooting in locations that may be viewed as uninteresting or even visually off-putting. These sites are exciting and challenging for her, to “see” something hiding in plain sight.

Natalie Christensen has spent much of her professional life as a psychotherapist, and her photography is an extension of that work. Both have called her to explore what is hidden from view, those aspects of the self or the environment that we want to turn away from or simply avoid. It is our nature to ignore what is unpleasant, but sometimes one gets a glimpse of the sublime in these ordinary places. When she finds it,  she says “it feels like I have discovered gold”.