Leslie Gleim


Awakening Red with Yellow Center
Awakening Red with White
Awakening Green Agave
Awakening Orange Petal
Awakening Purple
Awakening Red Points
Awakening Red
Awakening Red
Awakening White Orchid
Awakening Yellow

Life of the Land ('Aina)

Ocean Entry, Kapoho
Lava River I, Eruption (revised)
Lava River with Clouds
‘Aina Halema’uma’u Crater 7
‘Aina Halema’uma’u Crater 6
Water’s Edge 1, South Point
Water’s Edge 2, South Point

Threshold: Simplicity

The Edge of Simplicity IV
The Edge of Simplicity VIII
Simplicity I
Simplicity V
Simplicity IV
The Edge of Simplicity V
Simplicity VII
The Edge of Simplicity IX
Simplicity III
Simplicity VI


Whispers II
Whispers VIII
Whispers 0
Whispers I
Whispers II
Whispers X
Whispers VIIII

Leslie Gleim’s vision for her body of work was to capture the metaphors that are held within the complex simplicity of her subjects. Each image has been stripped to the raw element of black and white, causing the mind’s eye to read the unique nuances of each subject. The dance between light, shape and form is used to capture an intrinsic understanding of the subject as well as the photographer’s intentional metaphoric vision for her images which dances along the edge of simplicity.

'Aina (Life of the Land)