Julie Sample


Morro Reflections II
Morro Swell
Late for School
Breaking I
Breaking II
Breaking III
Breaking Triptych
Morro Reflections I


Lisa’s Iris
Torch II
Monstera Leaf I
Black Rose
Monstera Leaf II
Black Rose II
Monstera Leaf III
Ribbed Leaves I


Nautilus Chamber
Nautilus Skeleton
Tiger Nautilus

Still Life

Seckel Pears
Three Seckels
Bosc Pear
Perfect Pair
Three Boscs


Rincon Sunrise
Wine Bottles
Pinot Cluster
Young Pinots
Pinot Vines
Harvest II
Chardonnay Cluster

What the Shell Series

Sand Dollar III
Spiral 2
Sand Dollar II
Sea Urchin
Sand Dollar VII
Sugar Star

Julie creates contemporary compositions with a vintage flair. Nature has been her star subject, revealing its unique quality of form, texture and space. She chooses to create a lot of her work using the Vintage, 19th century, Platinum Printing Process. Julie believes the beauty of this process illuminates her subjects like no other. The abundance of tones and fine detail from the brightest white to the deepest black created by using Platinum metal as an emulsion, makes these prints appear three dimensional.

Julie hand paints the liquid metal on to beautiful archival watercolor or Japanese papers and contact prints the negative. Each print is the size of the negative, which also adds the challenge of photographing her subjects with large format film cameras. What makes a Platinum print so rare besides the unique beauty and depth, is the time, energy and expense in creating one, a true labor of love. Julie feels that if you don’t have a strong passion for it, you would never do it.