James Collum

Before the Maddening Crowd

Dawn, Pier 39, San Francisco
San Francisco Carousel, Pier 39
Preparation, Pier 39, San Francisco
Churros, Pier 39, San Francisco
In Anticipation, Pier 39, San Francsico
Shark Harbor
Carousel 2
Carousel 3

Coastal Work

Surf & Cliff I, Garrapata
Surf & Cliff II, Garrapata
Incoming Tide, Garrapata
Surf, Garrapata
Garrapata Creek I
The Hound, Greyhound Rock Beach
Three Egrets
Haystack, Greyhound Rock Beach
Low Tide 1, Greyhound Rock Beach

Glacial Seas

Ebb Tide I
Sentinel With Seaweed
Cave I

My Hometown

Windbent, Fall Creek
Dawn, Big Bend Trail
Entwined, Henry Cowell Park
Dusk, Meadow, Henry Cowell Park
Meadow at Dawn, Henry Cowell
Leaf Fall
Path, Henry Cowell Park
Berries, Mountain Charlie Road

Pigment over platinum

Roasted Corn
Carousel II

Platinum/Palladium Ziatypes

Dawn, Big Ben Trail, Fall Creek
Early Morning, Fall Creek
Overpass #1
Summit, Fall Creek
Sunflower #1
Sunrise Surf #3, Garapatta
Windbent, Fall Creek
Dusk, Path to Henry Cowell
Contemporary Jewish Museum, SF

Jim Collum’s work invokes calm and tranquility. Shooting mostly in the quiet light of the early morning, Jim uses a combination of the latest photographic technologies along with those of the 19th century to capture a beauty in venues one would pass without noticing.

The work is then presented as either a traditional platinum print, or as a digital print on photographic paper.
Jim lives and works amidst the redwood forests and coasts of the traditional West Coast photographic scenery.