Hengki Koentjoro

*NEW! Tancho Birds

Tancho Birds 13
Tancho Birds 2
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Altitude 06
Land Before Time, Java (ALT11)
Mount Bromo, East Java (ALT01)
Ciwidey Highland, Java (ALT15)
Tranquility, Java (ALT03)
Morning Dance, Yellowstone National Park
Mangrove, Tree of Hope
Silence (Alt04)


Detach 18
Detach 19
Android, Singapore (DT20)
Solitaire, North Sulawesi (DT1)
Let’s Get Lost, Java (DT17)
Coming Home, Java (DT16)
Silence, Bali (DT10)
Water Falls, Banda (DT7)
Tai Chi, San Francisco (DT3)
Take Off, Banda (DT6)


Free Play 06

Jordan: Snaking Nebo

Snaking Nebo 8
Snaking Nebo 9
Snaking Nebo 10
Snaking Nebo 1
Snaking Nebo 2
Snaking Nebo 3
Snaking Nebo 4
Snaking Nebo 5
Snaking Nebo 6
Snaking Nebo 7

Middle East Exposures

Garden of Gethsemane 1
Wailing Wall 6
Garden of Gethsemane 2
Tiberias 1b
Holy Sepulchre 2
Tiberias 2b
Holy Sepulchre 3
Holy Sepulchre 1
Mount Tabor 1
Cross 1


Minim 08
Minim 01
Minim 06
Minim 10
Minim 16
Minim 19
Minim 18
Minim 17


Lotus, South Korea (NR15)
Mangrove, Tree of Life
Liquid Veil, East Java
River S (Noir 10)
Black River, Borneo (NR01)
Coconut Trees, West Papua (NR05)
Apocalypse Now, Banda (NR09)
River S, Sumatra (NR10)
Curvature, Java (NR12)


Paris 08
Paris 09
Paris 10
Paris 11
Paris 12
Paris 01
Paris 02
Paris 03
Paris 04
Paris 05


Bubbles (UW 11)
Whale Shark
Feather, East Indonesia (UW1)
Anemone, East Indonesia (UW2)
Moon Jelly, East Indonesia (UW3)


Balance, Bali (WS09)
Pinisi Boat, Bira (WS19)
Malimping Beach, Banten (WS16)
Liquid Rock, Banten (WS12)


Taraje Wave, West Java (WV16)
Energy, West Java (WV17)
Breath, Java (WV01)
Liquid Wall, Java (WV02)
Ocean Spray, Java (WV03)
The Edge, San Francisco (WV04)
Splash, San Francisco, CA (WV06)
Abstract Wave, Java (WV08)
White Wave, Java (WV09)

Hengki Koentjoro is an accomplished photographer, specializing in capturing the spectral domain that lies amidst the shades of black and white. Born in Semarang, Central Java, Indonesia, he proceeded to pursue further education in Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, California—an expedition that plunged him into the professional arena of video production and fine art photography. Childhood introduction to camera on his 11th birthday is by now an earnest love affair that involves an elaborate choreography of composition, texture, shapes and lines.

Reverie in nature takes form in the black and white of Hengki Koentjoro’s photographs. In his striking signature simplicity, Hengki delicately preserves the dreamy awe in ordinary objects above and under water. Now based in Jakarta, Hengki seeks soundness of mind mostly in the oceans and open nature—away from the buzzing city life.

These are just some of the awards Hengki has received in the past three years:

Black & White Single Image Contest 2013, for a Spotlight Award.
Black and White Spider Awards 2013. 2nd place – Merit of Excellent in Silhouette Category
Black and White Spider Awards 2013. 1st place – Outstanding Achievement in Nature Category
Worldwide Photography Gala Awards – WPGA 2013. 1st place – Seascape/Underwater Category
PX3 Paris Photo Competition 2013 — 3rd place in Fine Art Category
Kontinent Awards 2013 – Official Selection in Fine Art Projects
Kontinent Awards 2014 – Official Selection in Fine Art Projects
Hasselblad Master 2014 – 1st place winner in Landscapes/Nature category
MIFA – Moscow International Foto Awards 2014 – Honorable Mention – Fine Art Landscape
IPA Photography Awards 2014 – 1st place winner in Nature/Aerial category
PX3 Paris Photo Competition 2015 – 1st Prize in Nature Category/Animal
PX3 Paris Photo Competition 2015 – 1st Prize in Nature Category




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