Harold Ross


Family Fireplace
Family Sitting Room
Mr. Vanderbilt’s Bedroom,1
Mr. Vanderbilt’s Bedroom, 2
Mrs. Vanderbilt’s Desk
Oak Sitting Room
Smoking Room
The Arc Chest
Canning Pantry
Dining Hall Throne

Forged Portfolio

Clement and Gilmer Camera
Anselmo Generator
Anselmo Tools
The Rocket Train
Bearing with Oil Cans


Untitled #20
Untitled #15
Untitled #24
Untitled #25
Untitled #22
Untitled #5
Untilted #1
Untitled #3
Untitled #21
Untitled #19

Shell Study

Shell Study 1
Shell Study 2
Shell Study 3

ShopCraft Portfolio

Lathe Controls
Assayer’s Office
Gasparini Street Organ
Piano Music Rolls
Piano Workshop Door
Piano Workshop Wall
Assayer’s Safe
Oil Cans 4

Still Portfolio

Still Life with Scale and Scissors
Still Life with Mandolin #1
Still Life #2
Still Life with Grapes
Burnt Offerings 2
Still LIfe With Mandolin #2
Still Life with Tomatoes

For 25 years, Harold Ross has been experimenting with the specialized technique of light painting which has given him the ability to show subjects in a different light, so that the viewers can appreciate them in an unexpected way.

The process of light painting requires that light is meticulously applied to each image and requires that the photographer work in a completely dark studio while opening the camera for an expended period of time while he paints light on to the image. This ultimately reveals greater shapes, textures and colors.  Harold Ross says that he is basically sculpting the image with light.