Ellen Jantzen

Coming Into Focus: 2016

Controlled Access
The Sky Begins to Change
Facing West
The Sky in Conclusion
Mixed Metaphor
Off Road
On Cloud Nine

Ghost Writer


Losing Reality; The Reality of Loss: 2011-2013

Descending 2
Without A Trace
Searching for Lost TIme
In Doubt
Silent Respiration
Hiding the Fiction

Place of Departure: 2014

A Parallel Narrative
Sound of Perception
A Conversation
Conquering the Pull of Gravity
Cross Examining Reality
Harmonic Progression

Point & Shoot @ 70 MPH: 2010

California 04-13-2010 1:43pm
California 04-13-2010 2:39pm
Calilfornia 04-13-2010 2:55pm
California 04-13-2010 2:57pm
California 04-13-2010 2:59pm
California 04-13-2010 5:06pm
California 04-13-2010 (Triptych)
California 04-16-2010 2:52pm
California 04-16-2010 4:24pm
California 04-20-2010 9:58am

Seasonal Spirits

Wearing O’ The Green
A Declaration of Love
Sweet Dreaming

Transplanting Reality; Transcending Nature: 2013

Evidence of Myth
A Resonant Chill

Transplanting Reality; Transforming Nature: 2012-2013

Transmitting Symmetry
Ethereal Nature
An Atmospheric Force
In the Field of Gold
Losing the Way
Meaning is Not Intrinsic
Path of Plenty
Safeguarding Poppies

Unity of Time & Space: 2015

Committed to Memory
The Vortex of Existence
Retracing Her Steps
To Past and Future
They Can Walk Away
To Time and Life
Committed to Memory 2

In “Disturbing the Spirits” I am using imagery to convey my feelings about the state of nature, the nature of trees, and how to express their connection to past, present and future.  By obscuring a portion of the image through a veil, I strive to heighten the remaining reality through discovery and reflection.

In “Transplanting Reality; Transforming Nature”

The natural world can be experienced on many levels, from the reality of a mountain to the ethereal essence of living beings. Trees, specifically, have always played a major role in my appreciation of nature. Trees produce the oxygen needed for our breath; we provide carbon dioxide for the trees…. a lovely symbiosis.

Forests and trees have also played a prominent role in many folktales and legends and have been given deep and sacred meanings. They are seen as powerful symbols of growth, decay and resurrection. But, with the depletion of forests and the resulting impact on humankind, how we respond will determine our future.

In this series I am addressing my concerns by transplanting replica trees into the natural world. These trees take the form of a constructed likeness or of a ghostly apparition. One is artificial, the other a spirit form; both represent the transformation of nature.