Stars 9, 2014 copy
Parkseunghoon_TEXTUS 222 maldives 3_Digital C Print_120cmx150cm_2015
Cameraless Artworks by Robert Buelteman

Stars 9

Ellie Davies

Maldives 3 (Textus #222)

Seung Hoon Park

Field Mustard

Robert Buelteman

Tranquility, Java (ALT03)

Hengki Koentjoro

R.K.O. Stanley, NJ: Hiroshi Sugimoto

Vintage works for sale

Brooklyn Bridge, NYC

Håkan Strand

Strand Theater, Keyport, NJ

George Tice

Gallery news & updates:

HOLIDAY HELP: CUSTOM CURATION Need some assistance finding a truly unique gift this holiday? Let us help. Whether you’re shopping for a world traveler, nature lover, film buff or anyone else, we can help you find just the right gift. Check out our most recent gift guide. Contact us today and we can curate a collection just for you 714.754.1286 or susan@susanspiritusgallery.com. HOLIDAY GIFT IDEA: SIGNED PHOTOGRAPHY BOOK We are thrilled to announce that Camille Seaman’s long awaited new book, “Melting Away” was published just in time for the holidays.  Signed copies are now available through the gallery. Contact us to reserve your copy 714.754.1286 or susan@susanspiritusgallery.com. For ten years Camille Seaman has documented the rapidly changing landscapes of Earth’s polar regions. As an expedition photographer aboard small ships in the Arctic and Antarctic, she has chronicled the accelerating effects of global warming on the jagged face of nearly fifty thousand icebergs. Seaman’s unique perspective of the landscape is entwined with her Native American upbringing: she sees no two icebergs as alike; each responds to its environment uniquely, almost as if they were living beings. Through Seaman’s lens, each towering chunk of ice—breathtakingly beautiful in layers of smoky gray and turquoise blue—takes on a distinct personality, giving her work the feel of majestic portraiture. Melting Away collects seventy-five of Seaman’s most captivating photographs, life-affirming images that reveal not only what we have already lost, but more importantly what we still have that is worth fighting to save. SUENG HOON PARK, SOUTH KOREA A great slideshow was created by Yahoo News Canada featuring S. Korean photographer, Sueng Hoon Park showing 18 of his woven tapestries.  His work is truly unique and should not be missed. EIKOH HOSOE, JAPAN A large collection of photographs by famed Japanese photographer Eikoh Hosoe have been added to the website. Please be sure to visit the pages and view all of the works from Embrace, Ordeal By Roses, Kamatachi, Simon, A Private Landscape, Gaudi Ceilings and a selection of images from the artist’s workshops. VINTAGE WORKS We have a new classification under the artists’ pages on the website which reads: Vintage Works for Sale. The images which will be found under this category will be ‘ones of’ only, older prints, and in some cases may truly be vintage, but in most cases, will not be vintage as the name suggests, but earlier prints being offered from private collections for resale. There will always be a variety of artist’s works found under this category. Currently there are images by Max Yavno, Jerry N. Uelsmann, Andre Kertesz, George Tice, Robert Doisneau, Ansel Adams, Irving Penn and newly added work by New Mexico photographer, Betty Hahn. TALENT DRIVING THE O.C. ART SCENE We were thrilled to be featured in Riviera Magazine’s Arts & Power Issue in the article “Talent Driving the O.C. Art Scene”.  Check it out.