Henry Gilpin Highway 1 1965 second best
Parkseunghoon_TEXTUS 206 NY Public Library 1_Digital C Print_150cmx120cm_2014
TriColor CatGwynn 5mb
10. T1002611
5. 0314-Ireland-A6541577

The Great Downpour, Bertha, MN

Camille Seaman

Highway One, Big Sur

Vintage works for sale

New York Public Library

Seung Hoon Park

Couleurs Heureuses Lumineuses

Cat Gwynn

Goalposts I, Copacabana Beach, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

David Burdeny

Stag’s Head, Dublin

Timothy Hyde

Shore Farms, Laghy, County Donegal

Timothy Hyde


Tami Bone

Gallery news & updates:

The Susan Spiritus Gallery is available for your private party or special event, whether it be for a lecture,  cocktails, a Sunday afternoon soiree or a sit down dinner. We can accommodate a small group of about 50 people depending upon your event. Please call or email the gallery to discuss the specifics.

A great slideshow was created by Yahoo News Canada for  S. Korean photographer, Sueng Hoon Park showing 18 of his woven tapestries.

It worth the watch! His work continues to get better and better.


My recent visit to Texas gave me access to Cara Barer’s studio and her world of ‘book art.’ I was so excited to see her creations that I have prepared a newsletter on the artist and how she does what she does. The link to the newsletter is here, below and I hope you will enjoy it as much as I have.  It is truly inspiring to see and read.  I also visited with Tami Bone, whose works have now been added to the gallery’s website: http://susanspiritusgallery.com/artist/tami-bone/mythos/

A large collection of photographs by Eikoh Hosoe have been added to the Susan Spiritus Gallery website. Please be sure to visit the pages and view all of the works from Embrace, Ordeal By Roses, Kamatachi, Simon, A Private Landscape, Gaudi Ceilings and a selection of images from the artist’s workshops.


Please be sure to locate the works of our newest photographer, William Furniss,  from Hong Kong.  His water abstractions are not only colorful, but can be printed large and will be just perfect for any corporate space! During my recent trip to Hong Kong I visited William’s studio and saw each of these images in person. They are quite spectacular!

We have a new classification under the artists’ pages on the website which reads: Vintage Works for Sale. The images which will be found under this category will be ‘ones of’ only, older prints, and in some cases may truly be vintage, but in most cases, will not be vintage as the name suggests, but earlier prints being offered from private collections for resale. There will always be a variety of artist’s works found under this category. Currently there are images by Max Yavno, Jerry N. Uelsmann, Andre Kertesz, George Tice, Robert Doisneau, Ansel Adams and newly added work by New Mexico photographer, Betty Hahn.

The December issue of Riviera Magazine, the “Arts & Power Issue” introduces you to the “Talent Driving the O.C. Art Scene”


Browse through the artist and bookstore pages to see what’s new at the gallery, including new work by William Neill, Fran Forman, Mitchell Hartman and Deborah Parkin; also added are the photos by George Seitz from his series, Newport After Dark.