Parkseunghoon_TEXTUS 250 eiffel tower_Digital C Print_150cmx120cm_2016

Surfer, Perth, Australia

David Burdeny

Eiffel Tower (Textus #250)

Seung Hoon Park

Broome 2, Western Australia

David Burdeny

Big Sur Yucca Blossom

Tony Hertz

Sea Grasses No. 2

Tony Hertz


Gillian Hyland

Roadside: Frayed at Monument Valley

Natalie Christensen

Boswijck 10

Niv Rozenberg

Boswijck 09

Niv Rozenberg

Gallery news & updates:

NEW ARTISTS We are thrilled to be working with the incredibly talented duo, Francisco Diaz (USA) and Deb Young (New Zealand) of the International Collaboration Project.  Their photo-montages have been described as “disturbingly beautiful” and their uniqueness has given rise to the designation “cinematic narrative photo-montages.” Learn all about this incredibly creative team on the gallery’s site and read the press recent release. In addition, Ben Thomas (Australia) has recently joined the gallery and we are certain that you will find his architectural images from the series,  Chroma to be fun to look at, wondering all along not only where these places actually are, but how he creates these stunning images!  Take a look here:


CUSTOM CURATION Need some assistance finding a truly unique gift? Let us help. Whether you’re shopping for a world traveler, nature lover, film buff or anyone else, we can help you find just the right gift. Contact us today and we can curate a collection just for you 714.754.1286 susan@susanspiritusgallery.com.

SEUNG HOON PARK, SOUTH KOREA A great slideshow was created by Yahoo News Canada featuring S. Korean photographer, Sueng Hoon Park showing 18 of his woven tapestries.  His work is truly unique and should not be missed.

EIKOH HOSOE, JAPAN A large collection of photographs by famed Japanese photographer Eikoh Hosoe have been added to the website. Please be sure to visit the pages and view all of the works from Embrace, Ordeal By Roses, Kamatachi, Simon, A Private Landscape, Gaudi Ceilings and a selection of images from the artist’s workshops.

VINTAGE WORKS We have a new classification under the artists’ pages on the website which reads: Vintage Works for Sale. The images which will be found under this category will be ‘ones of’ only, older prints, and in some cases may truly be vintage, but in most cases, will not be vintage as the name suggests, but earlier prints being offered from private collections for resale. There will always be a variety of artist’s works found under this category. Currently there are images by Max Yavno, Jerry N. Uelsmann, Andre Kertesz, George Tice, Robert Doisneau, Ansel Adams, Irving Penn and newly added work by New Mexico photographer, Betty Hahn.

TALENT DRIVING THE O.C. ART SCENE We were thrilled to be featured in Riviera Magazine’s Arts & Power Issue in the article “Talent Driving the O.C. Art Scene”.  Check it out.