Carolyn Guild

Abstractions And Metaphors

The Elemental Earth – Fractured Shadows
Slot Canyon in Black and White
Agave No. 2
White Palm
Tumbleweed – Antelope Canyon
Untitled 2

Elemental Earth

Balanced Rock
Big Sur #2
The White Rim – Island in the Sky
Cedar Mesa, Utah
Whispering Dunes
Cedar Mesa
Moonrise Over Bryce
Sunrise – Mesa Arch
Temple of the Moon
The White Rim

For the Love of A Horse

Triangle X Horses at the Tetons, WY

Photography In High Places

Square Top Mountain, Wyoming
The Spires
There Be Dragons – Ansel Adams Wilderness
Secret Window, Utah
Howling Wolf, Bugaboo Mountains
Birch Tree in Winter, Canada
Quiet Storm
Bugaboo Mountains – British Columbia
Birch Tree in Winter
Avalanche, Canada

The Art Of Water

Fisherman at Sea
Pismo Beach Pier
San Simeon Pier Sunrise
Sea Stacks – No. 1
The Spirit of Water – No. 1
Yin Yang

Carolyn Guild: an American born photographer (1951-2015)

It is with deep sadness that I have to report that Carolyn Guild has suddenly passed away as a result of a long illness. Her magnificent photographs, however, will remain available for purchase through the gallery to keep her legacy alive!

There are a very limited number of signed photographs available and many more unsigned ones which she printed before her death, but just did not sign. All of the unsigned photographs are being offered at less 30% off of the retail price.

There are some photographs on the website which are no longer available and it is stated as such on the page.

Sandra Djak Kovacs has written a beautiful tribute to Carolyn Guild which has been published in the June 2015 issue of Adore Noir Magazine.

Guild is a third generation San Diegan, and she now splits her time with her husband Whitney, between their small beach cottage in Encinitas – California, Northern Baja – Mexico, and their old log cabin, high in the mountains of Northern Utah. Her father almost always had a Rolleiflex or two around his neck, and is responsible for instilling in her, his love of photography.

Her photography has been described as “dramatic grand vistas”, “strangely beautiful and evocative abstractions”, and becoming *surrealistic* once the sun goes down, when long exposures turn water vaporous, stars leave their trails, and clouds resemble the northern lights.

When asked “Why black and white”? Guild’s reply is: “To see in colour is delightful to the eye, but to see in black and white delights the soul….. No colour to attract or distract. Only the sensual lines, the shadows and highlights…. Lines, light and shapes repeated. That’s what delights my soul”..

Carolyn’s photography has been exhibited in Galleries and Museums in the Continental U.S., and Europe. Many solo exhibits, as well as concurrently with some of photography’s greats, Iincluding (but not limited to) Ansel Adams* (Kimball Art Center, Park City, Utah), and Imogen Cunningham (Oceanside Museum of Art, California). Guild was the first landscape photographer to have a solo exhibit at the oldest visual arts Museum in Utah, the Springville Museum of Art. This year (2012) Carolyn was invited to speak to the members of the San Diego Museum of Art.

Recent awards include winning Black and White Magazine’s Gold Award (twice), Silver Award, and Bronze Award. She has won Prix De La Photographie Paris twice, second twice, and third once. Also winning awards in the International Photography Awards (Lucie Awards) and the Black and White Spider Awards. Guild won the Margaret Frye Perpetual Trophy, has been awarded by WIPI, and nominated for the Aperture West Book Award.

*A long time friend of Ansel Adams, Al Weber said “Ansel would be proud to exhibit with Carolyn.”