Ben Thomas

Chroma 1

Duo Tone
Searching for Something that’s not Real
Touch of Pink
Bund Ball
Version 2
Asher Beach
Very Much

Chroma 2

Bondi, Swimming #2
Paul’s Daughter
Taller Than
Go, Stop

Chroma 3

Santa Cruz, Science
Santa Cruz, Cruise
Santa Cruz Roll
Thew-g, Santa Cruz, California
Out’n’In, San Francisco
Santa Cruz Boardwalk
Santa Cruz Carnival
After the Fair, Chelsea, New York
What is Beyond, New York
Days of Fun, Dubai

Ben Thomas is a photographer and visual artist born in Adelaide, now living in Melbourne, Australia

Ben’s work has centered around the cities and urban spaces that we live in. His “Cityshrinker” series (2007) was internationally acclaimed and considered to be one of the pioneering projects exploring the now popular tilt-shift technique. Ben’s study of urban spaces continued with “Accession” (2012)¬†utilising mirror and kaleidoscopic techniques to highlight how repeating patterns and objects act as the basis of spaces we live in. Most recently Ben has developed his latest series “Chroma” (2015), a further deconstruction of cities and urban areas with a primary focus of the use of colour and flatness.

Ben’s work has been shown the USA, Paris, Berlin, Tokyo and Melbourne and featured in a number publications.

Ben has recently completed campaigns/assignments for The New Yorker Magazine, Sony, Cake, Singapore Airlines, Penguin Books and Chronicle Books.